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About NSR

North Side Railings is an Australian Family Owned and Operated Company that is committed to customer service and satisfaction.

  1. North Side Railings owns the dies to the core extrusions that make up our various profiles thereby should any damage occur in the future we can match the damaged extrusion(s) i.e.we are not at the mercy of other manufacturers changing profiles.
  2. Our extrusions are Australian made by Capral.
  3. Our extrusions are of T6 Grade Aluminium.
  4. We only use Accredited Powdercoaters and Anodisers. We use Decorative Imaging for DecoWood a finish that looks like timber.
  5. Every balustrade is custom made for your job only.
  6. We guarantee compliance to the BCA and relevant Australian Standards.

Posts and Method of Fixture have been Independently Tested by Unisearch and Surpass Australian Standards 1170.1 Structural Design Actions.

North Side Railings’ designs are custom made in our factory to each unique job ready to be installed on your site.

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Call Us: (02) 9476 6076

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Unit 2, 35 Leighton Place,
Hornsby NSW 2077
Mon to Thu:
8am to 4pm
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Our Licence Number 184013C
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